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In 1993, I started providing our firefighting and EMS friends and family with a wide range of unique emergency services products, selling & training various rescue equipment and providing 3rd party insurance billing services to help them realize financial recovery for services rendered. 

Then over time, traveling to do trade shows and fire truck musters, with little kids in tow, became a thing of the past.  So I started working for others (while trying to keep my dream going). I worked to perfect my craft and learning more about the industry. That all changed in 2008, I saw how not to treat a customer and decided to make the dream come true and pursue doing it on my own.  Then in 2013 the kids took an interest, got their various educations in the different business/marketing & media fields and it was decided to changed the business name to Ryder Digital Works to include the family. With this change, we added one-of-a-kind photo image t-shirt designs, business cards, logos, business supplies & forms, wearable products, photography services & designs, promotional items ... to customized design & layouts for publications. 

In 2015, with over 20 years of my own experience producing & selling advertising specialties, we now specialize in covering ALL aspects of providing you with the exact, unique finished product ... from the birth of an idea, to customizing & creating a design that is just right for you and then delivering the product that best expresses what you wanted at a fair cost.  Our pledge to you ... we will save you money.  If you are reordering an item from another supplier, simply show us their invoice and we will find you a better deal. 

By 2017, we have created a network of specialty vendors to work in conjunction with one another to offer our clients the best pricing and services available.
   Then here we are in 2018, where we have now added more photography services & education / webinar events using social media to assist others in the business.

We have added FULL COLOR products, engraved trophies, awards & plaques, and even heat applied vinyl designs and outdoor signs. Look through our site and see a sampling of things we have to offer.  BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR MONTHLY SPECIALS PAGE. 

Give us a call today so we can help you with your customized needs (570) 279-3072 or contact us via email  at ... we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your hometown provider for:    

  • customized/unique gifts specializing in Full Color/ true, vibrant colors
  • awards, plaques & trophies available either in Engraved or Full Color  (and/or both)
  • graphic designs/logos
  • promotional products whether it be pens, stationary, forms or give always ... we will offer you the best pricing available ... most times, it will below suggested manufacturing pricing.
  • firefighter collectibles figurines, key chains, glassware, etc.
  • social media pages
  • multi-media marketing we now offer several advertising opportunities to help expand your business potential and clientele base.  This includes print, digital display and social media markets.
  • personalized clothing now offering Full Color, Heat Vinyl (including Glow-in-the-Dark),  full color decals, embroidery and screen printing.
  • publications/brochures designs/ layouts
  • restaurant placemats/menus/flyers
  • business forms/supplies

This site is constantly changing with new and exciting things. Please check back often for updates.  Thank you for your patience.

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